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The following names are being researched by our current NEIJGS chapter members.  If you are interested in more information, please contact us at

Surname Town Country
Abel Mosedis Lithuania
Abel Indiana
Abel Ohio
Arkin Spain
Arkin Russia
Arkin Poland
Atlas Bardejov Slovakia
Baltzer Lodz Poland
Blumberg Valdemarpils Latvia
Croner Berlin Germany
Cukierman Odessa Ukraine
Cukierman Warsaw Poland
Cukierman Pochayiu Ukraine
Denisovski Bazar Ukraine
Denisovski Cincinnati Ohio
Dennis Bazar Ukraine
Dennis Cincinnati Ohio
Etingler Zamosc Poland
Etingler Hrubieszow Poland
Etingler Krylow Poland
Frenkiel Gabin Poland
Frenkiel Lodz Poland
Fromer Hrubieszow Poland
Fromer Krylow Poland
Fromer Zamosc Poland
Frymer Hrubieszow Poland
Frymer Krylow Poland
Frymer Zamosc Poland
Gettleson Jelgava Latvia
Goldin Minsk Belarus
Golebrodsky Kaunas Lithuania
Golnyk Minsk Belarus
Grinsfelder Wiedersbach Germany
Grinsfelder Baltimore Maryland
Grossman Iasi Romania
Grossman New York New York
Gruber Cincinnati Ohio
Gruber Warsaw Poland
Hene Lafayette Indiana
Hene Omaha Nebraska
Hoseason Goldingen Latvia
Isay Schweich Germany
Klein Kansas
Klein Ohio
Klein West Virginia
Krynicki Liskivas Lithuania
Krynicki Lazdijai Lithuania
Krynicki West Virginia
Krynicki Ohio
Krynicki Kansas
Mayer Offenbach Germany
Neuerman Liskiavis Lithuania
Neuerman West Virginia
Neuerman Chicago Illinois
Neuerman Cincinnati Ohio
Nierman Liskiavis Lithuania
Nierman West Virginia
Nierman Chicago Illinois
Nierman Cincinnati Ohio
Nojorman Liskiavis Lithuania
Nojorman West Virginia
Nojorman Chicago Illinois
Nojorman Cincinnati Ohio
Reichman Bardejov Slovakia
Replane Poland
Replane Russia
Replansky Poland
Replansky Russia
Rosenthal New York New York
Rounder Paris France
Rubak Paris France
Schwartz Trencin Slovakia
Sheray Fort Wayne Indiana
Sontag Gdansk Poland
Steiner Nagyvarad Hungary
Szobel Bardejov Slovakia
Szperling Lazdijai Lithuania
Thal Valdemarpils Latvia
Tzukerman Odessa Ukraine
Tzukerman Warsaw Poland
Tzukerman Pochayiu Ukraine
Uris Lipcani Moldova
Uris New York New York
Valter Volhynia Ukraine
Valter Volhynia Poland
Walter Volhynia Poland
Walter Volhynia Ukraine
Wells West Virginia
Wells Ohio
Wells Kansas
Zuckerman Odessa Ukraine
Zuckerman Warsaw Poland
Zuckerman Pochayiu Ukraine
Zylbersztajn Hrubieszow Poland
Zylbersztajn Krylow Poland
Zylbersztajn Zamosc Poland


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